World Millksharing Week 2014: The Ties That Bind Us


WMW 2014 slogan, created by Robin Amber Atherton, celebrates the launching of ‘Liquid Gold: A guide to modern breastmilk sharing’, compiled by World Milksharing week.

Through beautiful and sometimes heart-wrenching personal stories, the milksharing book will take the reader through an emotional journey from the initial distress and fear of the unknown to the celebration of mutual aid and community. We aim to to showcase the deep emotional bonds that arise when people come together to support each other to nourish all babies and children with breastmilk and love. At the same time, the book will act as a catalyst to explore a diversity of social issues such as the role of women in a demanding society, the distrust in our choices, the isolation of mothers, lack of access to evidence based health care and of work environments that accommodate women in their role as mothers.

‘Liquid Gold’ will be available to be downloaded for free on the first day of World Milksharing Week 2014. Printed copies may be available for free for event organisers.

Cover Art: Photo: Robin Atherton, Seed of This Land Photography – Design: Stephanie Benelli

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